Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Turtle Racing

" With an endless assortment of children and animals living under one roof, there was always some absurd crisis that gave comic relief to my problems. "

My life is pretty crazy with random occurrences, insane friends, partying, etc.  However, I do not want you to think that this is always a negative thing.  While I would probably be a happier person and live a MUCH simpler life without certain people in it, I would not trade these experiences for the world.  Every once in a while something happens that is so bizarre and unexpected that I cannot help but be amused by the shear absurdity of it all.  This is what happened next...

Life was pretty "normal" for a while.  Leah picked up work as a bartender in the french quarter.  For those of you that have never been to New Orleans, there are literally hundreds of bars in "The Quarter".  The tourists generally don't get past the big clubs on Bourbon St. but, every side street has a several bars on it.  Gay clubs, Dance clubs, Sports bars, quiet Irish pubs, Strip clubs in every variety, and of course the little Dive bars, all of which are packed on the weekends and are generally dead the rest of the week, unless there is some kind of special event.  Leah started off working at one of the newer dance clubs.

With Leah working nights, and me working a 9-5, we rarely got to see each other anymore.  That, while annoying in itself, also allowed for some shenanigans with Stacy and Liam.  They started playing the "he said/she said" game with us for various things.  Unfortunately, it took us longer than I'd care to admit to catch on because we were so wrapped up in our own lives.

One morning, I wake up to find a guy sleeping on the couch in the living room.  I didn't pay much attention to it, assuming it was a friend of Stacy's who had had a little too much to drink and needed a place to crash for the night.  Just to be clear, I generally don't care if people crash on my couch.  The only rules in my house are: to stay the hell out of upstairs and don't mess with my sleep.  As long as I can still make it to work on time in the morning, and shut out the insanity by closing a door, then, whatever.

I find out that night, that said couch-dweller was indeed a friend of Stacy's whom we will know, for reasons that will become clear in a moment, as "Turtle".  Turtle was looking for work in the city, and Stacy invited him to LIVE ON THE COUCH.  This happened because Stacy told Leah that I said it was okay. Then she told me that Leah had said it was okay. Really not cool, but as stated before, we're nice people...we give him two weeks to get the hell out, on top of the WEEK it took us to figure out what was really going on.

Things go on like this for a while until one day I get home from work to the 3 of them (Liam, Stacy, and Turtle) tripping balls in the living room.  Now, I do not personally partake, but I am not one to judge.  They, however, were always high on something or other, this time it happened to be LSD.  Words can't do it justice...enjoy.

Stay Tuned... next time we get to see what happens when drug dealers panic!

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